interactive wall BIG SHADOW

Client: Microsoft Product: X box 360 "BLUE DRAGON"

BIGSHADOW interactive OOH


Interactive OOH (out of home) advertising that takes you on an adventure

Blue Dragon is a game software title; in this game, the protagonist's shadow becomes a dragon when he fights.

To promote this, we focused on the primordial human experience of shadow-play. We projected magnified shadows of ordinary people in town and created a system whereby they could play with their own shadows. A person's shadow is projected as a giant shadow image, which can suddenly change into the shape of a dragon. This creates a new and engaging interactive experience.

A shadow can also be manipulated via the Web while viewing a webcam image. We wanted to provide a fresh experience that links the city and the Internet as well as people and shadows.

Please watch the movies explaining the concept.

Event period website/interactive OOH (video documentation provided of the event)

Movie 1 interactive OOH Movie 2 Website

Re-creation of event website


You can bring big Minotaur into sight to push the "ENTRY" button and in your keyboard "Right", "Top", "Bottom", "space" keys by rotation.

Main features of work

Location: Shibuya Prime building, a vast wall of about 40 meters.

The "shadows" are not real shadows, but rather projections of images captured by a video camera and manipulated with a specially-developed C++ program and then cast onto the wall by four powerful projectors. This combination of technology enables the "shadows" to morph into shapes such as the dragon shadow images.

However, our goal was not to show off advanced technology, but rather to see how close we could get to the primordial experience of shadows, which everyone carries in their memory.

Interactive OOH

BIGSHADOW interactive OOH

Shadows of the participants movements are projected upon a massive wall of a building, 7-stories high. When participants perform particular actions such as raising their arms over their heads, a giant dragon shadow appears out of the participants' shadows.

BIGSHADOW interactive OOH BIGSHADOW interactive OOH

BIGSHADOW interactive OOH BIGSHADOW interactive OOH

Minotaur and phoenix shadows also appear in addition to the dragon shadow. A large hand, foot and cup of water also appear.



Via the Internet, one more person's "shadow" can be added to the on-site wall-projection in real-time using a webcam that picks up the off-site image. The relayed images are archived and can be viewed as a sequence of still images arranged in a spiral along a time axis.